'Tis the Season / Attendance

Posted by Mark Goelz on 12/12/2019 1:00:00 PM

Happy Holidays to all who are part of our Energy Team!

With the start of the holiday/cold weather season, the Energy Team teachers thought it an optimal time to address school attendance and keeping academic focus.  In recent weeks, we have had an inordinate amount of absenteeism on the Energy Team.  The recent absenteeism rate seems to be due to a lot of factors, including illnesses/injuries, increased number of long weekend trips, and a number of special club field trips.  As parents ourselves, the Energy Team teachers can appreciate the inevitability of all of these factors.  We truly understand those times that being absent is unavoidable, if not necessary.

That said, we ask for the parents' support when your child misses school, especially for a prolonged period of days.  Our schedule is structured so that there is limited time to "reteach" individuals the concepts they missed if over several days.  While most, if not all, resources for lessons/homework are available on our Canvas pages, many 6th grade students are not at the point where they can "teach" themselves new objectives.  While the team teachers try to maximize the opportunities to help absentee students "catch-up," these opportunities are infrequent and even less than they may seem, given that multiple teachers are trying to meet with these same students.  If your child misses school, we ask that you ask them to be diligent in requesting work they may have missed.  We also ask that you take some time to ensure the student feels comfortable with the information they missed, as it is likely building towards a bigger concept.  If they do not, please provide whatever support you can at home to minimize the "catch-up" stress that many students display upon returning to school.  We understand it may take a few days to "catch-up," but with your assistance and support, we believe a student's transition back to school will be more successful.