Energy Team: PA Math League Opportunity

Posted by Mark Goelz, Math Lover on 1/9/2020 7:00:00 AM


Please take a moment to consider this opportunity for math enrichment being offered by Mrs. Hoedeman!  The PML math competition is great way to challenge those students who enjoy math and problem solving.  Mr. Goelz will offer 100 Scholars' Club points to any Energy team member who joins and participates in the league.  Mr. Goelz encourages all of his students to join, but especially those who get excited about math and those who have taken on the challenge of enrichment math already this year.  Many Energy team members have already joined.  The time commitment is minimal.  If interested please see the link below for a registration form that can be printed and filled out.  Your Energy student can give the form to Mr. Goelz and he will be sure to get it to Mrs. Hoedeman!


PML Registration Form