Congratulations! Scholars' Club - 1st 9 Weeks

Posted by Mark Goelz on 10/31/2019 8:00:00 AM

The Energy Team would like to congratulate the following students on being inducted into Scholars' Club for their hard work during the first quarter! We are very proud of their efforts and they should be commended for all of the extra time they put in to each and every assignment/extension. The students set the bar high and had to earn at least 600 combined points total from all curricular areas in order to be inducted into this quarter's Scholars' Club. Twelve students made the cut, they are:




Ashim R - 2,301 points

Kaia P - 1,499 points

Sofia A-T - 1,208

Zahra H - 1,057 points

Jeffrey Z - 1,034 points

Ellie S - 1,023 points

Fionn M - 888 points

Dylan C - 875 points

Isabella D - 866 points

Anand J - 771 points

Devesh J - 767 points

Braden C - 670


Also, a shout out to the Scholars' Club Honorbale Mentions who earned over 500 points:


Harrison B

Logan G

Tyler B

Anoushka B

Maryellen K

Mary M

Johnny U