School is in full swing!

Posted by Mark Goelz on 9/3/2019 8:00:00 AM

Hi all!  We can't believe we're September already.  With the change in month, we are getting into full swing at school.  By this week, you should notice your child bringing home regular homework (up to an hour or so per night).  if used wisely, some time is given to work on homework at school during Pride Time.  However, if you are not seeing your Energy Team student working much at home... you may want to question her or him about it.

In math, Mr. Goelz has started the first Topic in our Pearson Envision program.  Note that this first topic generally has targets found to be amongst the easiest of the year as students adjust to new schedules and routines.  That being said, math enrichment opportunities will be available to those who score above 90% on any of the topic pretests following the establishment of routines in Topic 1.

In science class, we are off to a great start!  We have spent some time trying to answer the question..."What is Science?"  We have put our heads together to do some brainstorming about this question and others like...What tools do scientists use? Where do scientists work?  What are the three main branches of science?  We have worked collaboratively and have come up with some very interesting responses!  We have also started to work through the steps involved in the Scientific Method and what it looks like to go through that process.

In ELA, we are about to begin our very first novel.  You can expect your child to have novel homework every other night.  In addition, we will be starting our Sadlier Vocabulary program soon as well.  Most Sadlier work will be completed in school, but at home your child will need to practice and study for their Sadlier Vocabulary tests, which will always be on Day 5.

We look forward to meeting you at Open House in a few weeks!