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Book Buddies!

Two Upper St. Clair High School students founded a test-prep book sharing organization to assist COVID-19 efforts in Pittsburgh.

Co-founded by recent graduate Vivek Babu (‘20) and rising senior Reshma Gudla (‘21), Book Buddies collects and resells donated test-prep books (ex. SAT and ACT books) to high schoolers at affordable prices. 


With a mini-grant from the Community Foundation of Upper St. Clair, all proceeds support three Pittsburgh-based COVID-19 organizations: The Homeless Children’s Education Fund, YouthPlaces, and Amachi Pittsburgh.


“Being stuck at home during quarantine, it was easy to feel helpless as high-school students. But Reshma and I were determined to do whatever we could to give back to the community when they needed our help the most,” says Vivek.


Book Buddies collects donated test-prep book donations through a team of USC High School student volunteers. Following CDC precautions, books will be resold for affordable prices on the Book Buddies online store starting in August.


“We were humbled by how fast the community sprang into action. In just our first week, we raised over $200 and collected over 125 books. And with over 20 student volunteers to support our collection, we’re just excited to see how far Book Buddies can go in the future. As we continue here at USC, we’re hopeful in expanding Book Buddies into other school districts as well,” adds Reshma.


To support Book Buddies (by giving test-prep books away, donating money, or volunteering as a student driver), you can find more information at or


Book Buddies