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Car Rider Drop off and Pick up Procedures


Drop Off Procedures      Reminders for Safe AM Car Rider Drop Off & PM Car Rider Pick Up


AM Car Rider Drop Off

  • Stay in the car line – cars should NOT pull out and around other vehicles while children are being discharged. 

  • Drop and Go – parents should not take time to exit their car. If a child needs assistance to exit the car, please park in the lot to assist them and then walk them to the front doors. 

  • Exit the car on the passenger side – children should not be discharged to walk around or between cars. 

  • Allow enough time – school starts at 8:15, but children need time to enter, unpack, and just say hi to friends. School doors open at 7:50. 

PM Car Rider Pick Up

  • Stay in the car line – students will be sent out to the first two – three cars in line. 

  • Wait for the cars ahead of you to pull forward – do not pull around other 
vehicles in line. 

  • Be cautious of the STOP sign, while exiting the pick up area, and the school 
buses, which have the right of way as they enter the school property. 

Please keep in mind that the numbers of car riders can vary greatly from day to day, and that children can be unpredictable as they eagerly enter (and exit) school. The safety of everyone is our paramount concern!