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How to Register in the USC School District

New students going into Grades K-12:

All new students in grades K-12 should register at the Central Administrativeregistration Offices, in the Pupil ServicesDepartment, located at 1820 McLaughlin Run Road. Please contact Terri Lott @ 412-833-1600, extension 2283,for an appointment.

The only exception to this directive would be in early spring when there is mass enrollment of new kindergarten students. In that case, kindergarten registration will be conducted in the appropriate elementary school building.

All students should take the following with them when registering:

  • Proof of the child's birth date is required but it can be in the form of a birth certificate (original or certified copy), baptismal certificate, passport or notarized affidavit of birth
  • Two (2) proofs of residency
  • Immunization records
  • Prior schools' address

To our existing families, please pass this information to any new neighbors with school-aged children.