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Motivation Monday 2023-2024


Motivation Monday 2023-2024

First thing Monday morning, we like to set the tone for our week by showing a "Motivation Monday" video.  These videos help to spark conversation about our GRIT theme of the month and to reinforce the mindsets and behaviors of the school counseling curriculum. Watch these videos with your kiddos and ask them what they talked about during their classroom discussion.  Maybe they'll give you a little bit of motivation on Monday morning too! 




4/8/24: This Is Me:

Discussion: What was the singer in the song so afraid of?  Have you ever been afraid to share something that you’ve spent a lot of time working on?  Why were you afraid?  What does it mean to you to feel “seen”?  


4/15/24: Boundary song:

Discussion: Do you know what it means to set a boundary for yourself?

Do you feel confident to tell others when you don’t like something they are doing?


Extra videos:



Believe in yourself: 

Someone who gets you: 

Be Brave: 


Happy People:

Discussion: What makes you feel truly happy?  Where does your happiness come from?  Can you be happy without material “things”?  What’s most important to you that brings you the most happiness?


Be Yourself:

Better when I’m dancing

The Playground Craze, “Confidence Song”


Discussion: What does it mean to you to be “confident”? What does confidence look like to you? What can you say to yourself when you are about to try something you’ve never done before? Or when you’re about to do something you know is hard for you? 

Discussion: What do you like to do that makes you feel confident?

Discussion:  Who do you feel like you can be “yourself” with? What is something about you that makes you unique? Or something that you like that is different about you than what other people you know?  



March 2024: Listening and Communication/ Growth Mindset


3/4/24: Teach me like you do:


3/11/24: Salamander Growth Mindset:


3/18/24: Neuron Song:

Your brain is like a muscle. Challenges help it to grow!


Growth Mindset Song:


Growth Mindset Rap: 

Does your mindset change in different situations?  (at school vs. at home or with friends)?


Growth Mindset Music Video:

Is there someone in your life (a family member, classmate, friend etc...) with a negative or fixed mindset – someone who won’t take risks, who can’t admit mistakes, who falls apart or gets defensive after setbacks? Do you understand that person better now that you know what a growth mindset is?


I Want To Have a Growth Mindset Song:

How can you exercise your brain so that it gets stronger and smarter? What does your brain need to grow?


Get Back Up Again:


The Power of Yet/Growth Mindset song: 

Can you share a time with your class when “the power of YET” really helped you to push through and keep working toward something when it got difficult?

February: Flexibility

2/5/2024: Another Plan”:

When have you had to change your plans recently?  How did you react when plans had to change?

2/12/2024: Random Acts of Kindness week!!

Do you find that it’s easy or hard to act kindly toward others? Is it easier or harder to be kind to those who are closest to you or toward strangers?

Kindness is A Muscle:

2/26/2024: “Flexible Thinking” song

Are you able to “go with the flow” in your thinking when things get tough? Has something that’s typically easy for you become hard or challenging and you’ve had to change your way of doing things or learn something new?



1/8/24: High Hopes:

How do you think having “high hopes” relates to being optimistic?

1/29/24: Lovely Day:


It’s a beautiful day: 

Choose Happy: 

Do you believe that happiness is a choice?  

What does it mean to you to “think of the glass as half full”, instead of half empty? If you are not thinking happy thoughts, how might you feel?

Who I’m Meant To Be: 

When you think about your future, are you optimistic that you will be successful? What does “success” look like and/or mean to you?

A Million Dreams 

What are some goals you’ve set for yourself to finish off this school year strong?


12/4/23: “Kid Snippets, Bus Video”: 



12/11/23: If You Want to Get the Teacher's Attention: 


12/18/23: All About Self-Control 



11/06/23: “Making Mistakes Helps Us Grow” 


11/13/23: The “Mistakes” song: 


11/20/23: Thankful; By the Juicebox Jukebox


Extra Videos:

Keep on Keeping on: 

Empathy Song: 

Walk in their shoes: 

Bounce Back Song: 

Hello, How Are You? 

Identifying and naming your emotions:

Calm Body, Calm Mind:

Get Back Up Again (Trolls) 

“Bounce Back” The Playground Craze

Resilient by Katy Perry:




10/2/22: One Thousand Steps


10/9/23: How are you feeling?:


10/16/23:  Try Again:


10/22/23: Everything is Going to Be Alright:


10/30/23: Don’t Give Up:

September 2023: Defining GRIT

9/11/23: The Morning Song:


9/18/23: Affirmations Song:


9/25/23: GRIT Definition:

Bonus songs

My Teacher Loves Me:


The Kindness Song: