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Motivation Monday 2022-2023


Motivation Monday 2022-2023

First thing Monday morning, we like to set the tone for our week by showing a "Motivation Monday" video.  These videos help to spark conversation about our GRIT theme of the month and to reinforce the mindsets and behaviors of the school counseling curriculum. Watch these videos with your kiddos and ask them what they talked about during their classroom discussion.  Maybe they'll give you a little bit of motivation on Monday morning too!  



11/14/22: Identifying and naming your emotions:

Do you ever notice more than one emotion coming up for you at one time? What kinds of emotions do you tend to notice together?


11/21/22: Calm Body, Calm Mind:

What’s your favorite coping skill? Does deep breathing work for you or do you prefer something else?


11/28/22: Get Back Up Again (Trolls) 

What is one thing that you are struggling to accomplish this school year? Do you have a plan yet to help you succeed?


“I Am Resilient” By Katy Perry

What does the quote, “There has to be rain if I want the rainbows” mean to you?

In what ways have you had to show resilience in your life?


“Bounce Back” The Playground Craze

Tell about a time that you had to deal with something that seemed really difficult at the time, but when you look back now, things turned out OK or for the best?


Extra Videos:

Keep on Keeping on: 

Empathy Song: 

Walk in their shoes: 

Bounce Back Song: 

Hello, How Are You? 



10/3/22: Mr. Stanley, All About Perseverance  

Discussion Prompt: How can you show perseverance when at school? At home? With your friends? Or a different situation?

10/10/22: Imagine the Impossible

Discussion Prompt: What is something you have a passion for and you know you can achieve? Have you ever thought something was impossible for you to achieve but then you were able to? What got you to that point?

10/17/22:  “I lived” (OneRepublic)  One Voice Children’s Choir

Discussion Prompt: Talk about some place you’ve always wanted to go and tell us why? 

10/24/22: GRIT 

Discussion prompt: How do you know you’ve developed GRIT?  Do you think you have it or are you still working on it?

One Thousand Steps

Discussion Prompt: What advice would you give a friend who says that they don’t like learning or trying new things? Or that something they really want to do is impossible? 


September: GRIT

9/26/22: GRIT Definition:

What’s the difference between being tough and grit? (Your purpose. Your why.)

What’s something you're passionate about? What’s something that inspires you to dig deep and call on your grit?