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Motivation Monday 2019-2020


Motivation Monday 2019-2020

First thing Monday morning, we like to set the tone for our week by showing a "Motivation Monday" video.  These videos help to spark conversation about our GRIT theme of the month and to reinforce the mindsets and behaviors of the school counseling curriculum. Watch these videos with your kiddos and ask them what they talked about during their classroom discussion.  Maybe they'll give you a little bit of motivation on Monday morning too!  


11/4/19: Hello, How Are You? 

Discussion prompt:  How often do you tell people how you are really doing when they ask?  Do you ever just say you’re fine when you’re not and you really need to talk?  Do you let it be OK for friends to tell you how they’re really doing?  

(It’s important for the kiddos to be able to identify and talk about their own feelings before they can show empathy and understanding for someone else’s feelings or situation)

11/11/19: Walk in their shoes: 

Discussion prompt:  What does it mean to you when we say, “Walk in someone’s shoes”?

11/18/19: Bounce Back Song: 

Discussion prompt:  Tell about a time that you had to deal with something that seemed really difficult at the time, but when you look back now, things turned out OK or for the best?

11/25/19:  Get Back Up Again (Trolls) 

Discussion prompt: Talk about trying something new, going somewhere new, or meeting new people.  What kinds of feelings come up and how do you overcome or manage them?

Extra Videos:

Keep on Keeping on: 

Empathy Song: 



9/30/19: GRIT: 

Discussion prompt: How would you describe GRIT to someone who has never heard of it before, in your own words? 

10/7/19: My Goose Is Giving UP

Discussion Prompt: Share about a time that you felt like giving up and how you reacted. How would you handle it differently if you could do it over again?

10/14/19: One Thousand Steps 

Discussion Prompt: Why do you think most stop trying when something gets difficult or they fail?

10/21/19:  Mr. Stanley, Perseverance  

Discussion Prompt: How can you show perseverance when at school? At home? With your friends? Or a different situation?

10/28/19: Red Ribbon Week 

“Kindness Changes Everything” 

Discussion Prompt: Tell about a time you saw someone do something nice for someone else and how it made you feel to witness that act of kindness.  Or share about a time someone did something nice for you and how it made you feel to have them do that thing.


September: GRIT 

9/9/19: GRIT song: 

Discussion prompt: What is one thing that used to be difficult for you but isn’t any more?  How did your body and/or mind need to change or grow in order for you to get better at that thing?

9/16/19: Do My Best Song: 

Discussion prompt: What’s one thing you want to do better with this year that you struggled with last year in school?

9/23/19 Empathy:

Discussion prompt: Name one way you can show empathy toward your classmates this school year.