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Motivation Monday 2019-2020


Motivation Monday 2019-2020

First thing Monday morning, we like to set the tone for our week by showing a "Motivation Monday" video.  These videos help to spark conversation about our GRIT theme of the month and to reinforce the mindsets and behaviors of the school counseling curriculum. Watch these videos with your kiddos and ask them what they talked about during their classroom discussion.  Maybe they'll give you a little bit of motivation on Monday morning too!  


September: GRIT 

9/9/19: GRIT song: 

Discussion prompt: What is one thing that used to be difficult for you but isn’t any more?  How did your body and/or mind need to change or grow in order for you to get better at that thing?

9/16/19: Do My Best Song: 

Discussion prompt: What’s one thing you want to do better with this year that you struggled with last year in school?

9/23/19 Empathy:

Discussion prompt: Name one way you can show empathy toward your classmates this school year.