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Boyce Garden Club

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Boyce Middle School is pleased to introduce its very first Boyce Garden Club.  The club will be operated and organized by Holly Fisher (school nurse), Marissa Dyer (resource teacher), and Morgan Olsen (5th grade ELA teacher).  The garden was created last summer and is located in the Boyce Courtyard.


The garden club will allow students to learn about gardening and the importance of fresh produce; the students will also experience the reward of watching their seedlings grow.  In addition, the club will provide opportunities for community service hours throughout the summer months.  


This winter, the students will be directly involved in the garden planning process.  The students will implement their plan for the garden this spring when they plant their seedlings.  As the seasons change, planning and additional planting will continue to in order to promote a continual harvest.  Some of the produce that is harvested will be donated to SHIM (South Hills Interfaith Movement).


Boyce Garden Club will meet once a week for eight weeks; there will be an A group and a B group.  

  • Group A will meet every Monday after school until 3:50pm.  Parents are required to pick up students promptly at that time.  
  • Group B will meet Wednesday before school at 8am, and students will be dismissed to their homerooms at 8:25am.  Parents will be required to drop students off no earlier than 7:55am. 


To ensure student safety and allow for active participation, each group will be capped at 25 students.  Students are only permitted to be in one group at a time. If your child is unable to join during the first eight weeks, there will be an additional opportunity to participate during the next eight week session.


Sign ups will be first come, first serve and will be available at 7:30am on Monday, January 27th.  The first meeting will take place the week of February 10th. The link to sign up will be located on the Boyce Middle School Webpage and will be available until February 5th.

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the Boyce Garden Club, please reach out to Holly Fisher: or 412-833-1600 x.5005