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Boyce Chorus Information

Attention Boyce Families:

Is your child interested in joining the Boyce 5th or 6th grade Chorus? The following message contains information about the program and the steps necessary to register for Chorus!


Chorus is open to any interested 5th or 6th grade student - no experience necessary! 


Chorus occurs during the fall semester and works towards a 12/12/19 concert that is shared with the Ft. Couch Choruses. Students do not audition for either grade level's Chorus group but do sing in small groups for voice placement purposes (students are divided into two or three different singing parts based on their vocal range, timbre, and blend with other similar voices such as part ones/high, part twos/middles, part threes/lows). Please note: Chorus occurs during the fall semester and Musical Theatre during the spring semester. Students are welcome to participate in both or just one program, although the skills learned in Chorus in the fall are applied/carried over into the Musical Theatre program and are vital for those interested in solo speaking and/or singing parts. 


Chorus rehearsals occur in the Boyce Theater except for the final rehearsal at the USCHS Theater on 12/11/19. Drop off for morning rehearsals occurs at the Main Office entrance to the building (the entrance by the flagpole).


5th Grade Rehearsals - Tuesday 7:30 - 8:30 am and additionally on either Monday or Wednesday during Pride Time only (see attached rehearsal schedule)

6th Grade Rehearsals - Wednesday 7:30 - 8:30 am and additionally on either Tuesday or Thursday during Pride Time only (see attached rehearsal schedule)

Please note: Students at Boyce are able to participate in any combination of Band, Chorus, AND Strings if they desire; our rehearsals have been designed to not interfere with each other's programs. 

How to Register:

1. Please fill out the Google Form to register your child for Chorus by clicking this link: Registration Form Link

2. Please sign up to receive Mrs. Schetley's Remind messages by following the attached PDF directions for your child's grade.

3. Please review the September - December rehearsal calendar for your child's grade. 

4. Questions? Please email Mrs. Schetley at


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