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Student Arrival & Dismissal: Times and Traffic Patterns

School Start & Dismissal Times

Check it out Click on the school name below to view the drop-off/pick-up traffic pattern for each school.


  • Morning Session: 8:15 - 10:55 a.m.
  • Afternoon Session: 12:05 - 2:45 p.m.

Bus Info in Parent Portal

School Bus Families of bus-riders, please be sure to double check your child’s bus information in Parent Portal. Bus stop information typically changes slightly leading up to the start of the school year as our transportation team refines the data to make it as accurate as possible.

To locate your child’s bus information in Parent Portal:

  1. click on your child's name in the column on the left side of the screen;
  2. select CHILD INFO;
  3. and then click TRANSPORTATION.

If there are any issues, please contact Jonn Mansfield, director of transportation, at

Please keep in mind that during the first week of each school year buses tend to run late – especially the elementary buses in the afternoon. Our school staff will be taking extra time and care at dismissal to ensure that our students board the correct bus in the afternoon. Each day you should see a gradual improvement as we inch closer to the target arrival time. Your patience and understanding throughout these first days of school are much appreciated.