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    Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences, (the old "Home Ec"). Family and Consumer Sciences or FACS is part of the Expressive Arts rotation which consists of Art, Music, STEAM, and FACS ( in 5th and 6th grades). In FACS, students are introduced to Foods and Nutrition, Consumerism and Sewing activities that will help them learn basic life skills involved in taking care of themselves in the real world.
    I'm Mrs. Vivian Criner. I've taught FACS in the state of Pennsylvania for many years. I am a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania holding a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Education Degree. I am happily married to an artist and have 3 children who have attended school here in USC. I love the outdoors (Deer Valley), animals, crafts and FOOD! My goal is to equip the students with life skills that are enjoyable now, essential as an adolescent and can be used to relax and relieve stress or as a career when they become adults.
    Contact: 412-833-1600 Ext. #5069