• School Counseling at Fort Couch


    • Mr. Jace Palmer, ext. 3011
      School Counselor for the Class of 2029 (7th Grade for the 2023-24 School Year) 

    • Mrs. Jessica Robinson, ext. 3010
      School Counselor for the Class of 2028 (8th Grade for 2023-24 School Year)

    The school counseling program at Fort Couch Middle School is committed to addressing the social, emotional, and academic needs of all middle level students. The school counselors have the unique opportunity to meet every student in the building on a personal level through a comprehensive school counseling curriculum. This curriculum permits the counselors to interact regularly with all middle level students within a classroom environment and on an individual basis.

    Students attend Guidance Class once per 6-day rotation. Please see "About Guidance Class" for more information about this unique class. In addition to guidance classes, counselors meet with academic team teachers on a weekly basis to discuss student performance, peer relationships, and family related issues that are possibly impacting individual academic achievement. Therefore, counselors are considered full partners with teachers, students, administrators, and parents and are an integral part of the decision making process for all students attending Fort Couch. The counselors are also available throughout the year to meet with students and parents, both as individuals and within small groups to address topics such as newcomers, conflict resolution and transition.