• January 6, 2021 - Questions and Answers

    Regarding Upper St. Clair School District’s PEPPM Mini Bids for Wireless and Switch Equipment


    December 21, 2020 

    1.  PEPPM Mini-Bid for Switches - Due Monday, January 11, 2021, at Noon Eastern Time  

    This mini-bid specifically seeks proposals for switches from three different preferred manufacturers:  Aruba, Extreme, and Meraki.

    Dear Vendors:

    The Upper St. Clair School District intends to apply for Category 2 E-rate funding for Funding Year 2021 using the PA PEPPM Contract.  In accordance with E-rate rules that all equivalent product lines must be provided the opportunity to submit proposals, we are hereby conducting an E-rate Mini-Bid. 

    Click here for a list of the equipment and services (or their functional equivalent) for which we are seeking proposals.

    If your company does not provide direct responses to mini-bids, then we request that you either forward this procurement opportunity to your PEPPM authorized resellers or notify us immediately so that we can send it to them directly. 

    Important note:  Vendors must be an awarded PEPPM contract holder or listed as a Pennsylvania PEPPM authorized reseller on behalf of the contract holder for the product line quoted in any bid submitted in response to this request.

    Note to vendors seeking to propose equivalent equipment:  We will evaluate bids that propose equivalent product lines, provided those products are equivalent in quality and functionality with the equipment in the attached mini-bid.  Vendors proposing equivalent product lines must include in their proposal manufacturer proof such as manufacturer’s specifications or other similar documentation that the equipment is equivalent in quality and functionality and follow the specific instructions listed below for completing the mini-bid response.

    Deadline:  Proposals must be submitted in the attached Excel format, citing the proposer’s information at the top of each page.  Proposals are required to be submitted via e-mail no later than Monday, January 11, 2021, at Noon Eastern Local Time to the following: 

    Raymond Berrott, rberrott@uscsd.k12.pa.us


    Debra Kriete, dmkriete@comcast.net

    All equipment and technical questions must be submitted via e-mail to: 

    Raymond Berrott, rberrott@uscsd.k12.pa.us


    Debra Kriete, dmkriete@comcast.net 

    Instructions to Bidders:

    * The quantities shown on the attachment are estimates.  The Customer reserves the right to increase or decrease quantities as is needed to meet the Customer’s needs.

    * The mini-bid includes a single E-rate Category. The District prefers to award to a single vendor for all of the equipment listed in a single Category.

    * Vendors must have a valid E-rate SPIN number and must submit it with the proposal.  

    * Only proposals for new, non-refurbished, non-gray market equipment will be accepted.As previously stated, although a specific manufacturer’s equipment may be listed on the equipment bid list, the District will consider and evaluate alternative manufacturer proposals that are equivalent in quality and functionality.  Such “equivalent” manufacturer proposals must complete the cost columns (H - J), as well as the three additional columns to the right (K - M), listing the alternative equipment manufacturer, model number and confirmation that they have provided manufacturer documentation that the equivalent product line is equivalent in quality and functionality. 

    * If the District so chooses, Vendors must agree to provide discounted billing to the District, whereby after the Customer receives E-rate funding approval and files Form 486, the Vendor will submit a Form 474 SPI invoice to USAC to seek reimbursement for the discounted share of the eligible costs.

    * Vendor shall maintain copies of all proposals, correspondence, receipts, purchase orders, delivery information, memoranda and other data relating to Vendor’s equipment and services related to this procurement.  All such records shall be retained for 10 years following completion of services and/or installation of equipment, and such records shall be subject to inspection and audit by the District, the FCC, and/or USAC. 

    * Should this project include installation services, all personnel (contractors and subcontractors) must have their Security and Pennsylvania Act 34 Clearance/Act 151/Act 114 Clearances.  All personnel must secure all record checks required by law which include Act 34 Criminal Record Check, Act 151 Fingerprints, Act 114 Child Abuse History Clearance. On-site work at the school sites cannot commence until the provider has obtained all relevant certifications, licenses, permits and/or required qualifications for its workers and each school has cleared the personnel for work in Customer’s locations.

    * In addition to the foregoing, the winning vendor must maintain and enforce an internal E-rate audit process that ensures that vendor complies with all E-rate program rules and regulations. This process must include the following:

      • Where labor is involved, maintaining detailed, signed individual timesheets
      • Ensuring that ineligible charges are not submitted to USAC
      • Ensuring that services or products are not provided to the Customer without the Customer’s express written permission or official purchase authorization
      • Ensuring that all substituted products are Customer-approved prior to ordering
      • Documenting that E-rate funded equipment/services were provided within the E-rate funding year (April 1, 2021 – Sept 30, 2022)
      • Charging USAC for proper FRN(s)
      • Ensuring that invoices are submitted to the Customer in a timely manner
      • Maintaining fixed asset list of E-rate-supported equipment provided to the Customer with detailed information for each item (model number, serial number, product description) and made available to the Customer in electronic format upon project completion.

    Note:  We are requesting prices for 3 year, 4 year and 5 year licenses and extended warranties.  We also request that the vendor indicate how many years of warranty, if any, are included as part of the purchase price of the switch equipment.  The District will make a determination after reviewing the quotes as to how many years of the license and warranty they will purchase.

    In addition, we wish to point out that we are requesting the quotes to include labor for installing and configuring the switch equipment.