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    Graves & McLean is a firm with a tradition of architecture and a commitment to service.  The firm, representing the partnership of Victor R. Graves and David J. McLean, is the continuation of a company history dating back to 1932. 


    The firm began as Button & McLean, with the partnership of Lamont Button and Paul F. McLean.  That partnership, from the 1930’s through the 1950’s, was one of Pittsburgh’s most prolific architectural firms.  The company began a tradition of educational architecture, with the design of schools throughout Western Pennsylvania.  The firm established a reputation for service and commitment that extends into the present.  Other notable works of Button & McLean included work at the original Kane Hospital in Scott Township, Saint Mary Magdalene Church in Homestead, numerous school buildings in Pittsburgh’s Mon Valley, and the original Fort Couch School in Upper St. Clair.




    In 1957, the firm was succeeded by Victor R. Graves and John G. Kaclik.  Victor Graves, a relative of Paul McLean, is a graduate of The Carnegie Institute of Technology, now Carnegie Mellon University.  The firm of Kaclik & Graves furthered the firm’s history and reputation with the completion of a considerable volume of work from the late 1950’s into the 1990’s.  Some of their projects include the Steel Valley High School, the Kane Long Term Care Facility in Glen Hazel, the complete transformation of Clairton High School into the Clairton Educational Center for grades K through 12, and a number of very successful hi-rise housing facilities for elderly residents of the Allegheny County Housing Authority.  In 1992, V.R. Graves & Associates was established, and designed one of the most recognizable school projects in Pennsylvania:  the Renovations and Additions to West Mifflin Area High School, including the new Stadium and Athletic Facility. 




    The year 1998 brought the partnership of Victor R. Graves and David J. McLean.  Mr. McLean is a direct descendent of the firm’s original partner, and had worked with the firm prior to other architectural positions. Mr. McLean is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and also studied classical architecture in Rome, Italy, and traditional works in Western Europe at large.  Graves & McLean is a firm that brings this history together in the tradition of success through service that has become a trademark of the company.


    The firm’s partners have long maintained that it is through service this firm has succeeded, and it is through service that Graves & McLean advances today.  One or both of the partners personally handles each of the firm’s projects.  This ensures control of the design, and clarity in communication with clients.  The firm is very intentionally a mid-sized practice, to facilitate the practice of architecture by the principals on each and every project.  The firm does not accept work it cannot handle with every level of professional care.




    Graves & McLean has clearly established itself as one of Pennsylvania’s premier architects in educational design.  The firm and its predecessors have designed over $100 million in new and renovated educational buildings throughout Pennsylvania.  These include a $70 million dollar district wide building program for Hazleton Area School District in Northeastern Pennsylvania;  New school buildings for the Clearfield Area School District in Central Pennsylvania;  A new elementary/middle school for the School District of the City of Jeannette, and the renovation of the Senior High School for that same district, and the complete revitalization of the original firm’s West Mifflin North High School including an athletic complex that is one of the most impressive in Pennsylvania.  Most recently, Graves & McLean has designed a comprehensive renovation and expansion of Montour Senior High School, completed a Feasibility Study for the Upper St. Clair School District, and is currently designing the additions and renovations to both of Upper St. Clair’s Middle Schools.




    Graves and McLean has a staff of architects, CADD technicians, executive assistants, as well as accounting and clerical support.  The firm utilizes state-of the art technology with software and equipment recognized as the best in the practice of architecture today.  The practice utilizes the most prominent consultants available for structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering, landscape architecture, code analysis, acoustics, and technology.  The work of the firm has benefit of the very best professionals available.




    The architectural practice of Graves & McLean has the tradition that comes from history, the vision that comes from creativity, and the expertise that comes from experience.  Victor Graves and David McLean are proud to offer architectural services that help turn the dreams of their clients into reality.  The success of Graves & McLean results from the fact that its principals truly enjoy the practice of architecture, have a wealth of experience, and offer clients service that is without parallel in the profession.

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