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    Curriculum Leader -Douglas Kirchner x2649
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    The Social Studies curriculum at the high school is a blend of traditional offerings and is designed to meet the needs of Upper St. Clair graduates.Social Studies is required in grades 9-11.Required courses specifically include one semester each of Civics, World Geography and two semesters each of World History and American History.These courses are offered to students at different academic levels of difficulty.Even though Social Studies is not required for seniors, over 90% of the students do choose one or more social studies electives:Psychology, Sociology, Economics, American Government, American Law and Justice, Advanced Placement (AP) European History, AP U.S. History, AP Government and Politics:Comparative and U.S and AP Psychology. The Social Studies program is designed to focus on broad, significant themes and questions, rather than short-lived memorization of facts without context.Themes and questions will bring life to the facts and promote wisdom about man’s life and role in the world.These themes include, but are not limited to, civic education, human interaction, values, beliefs, political ideas and institutions, conflict cooperation, comparative history of major developments and patterns of social and political interaction.The overall goal of Social Studies is to comprehend these themes and the forces for change and continuity that have shaped and will continue to shape, human life.


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