Welcome to Team Galaxy

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    Welcome to the Gallaher / Brinkhoff / Jones / Gombar   Team!
    Our goal is to nurture each child in developing into a successful and productive Middle School student who grows both academically and socially. The three characteristics of our team's success include:  "Desire, Dedication, and Discipline".  Our team prides itself by following the motto *WE ARE ONE TEAM*
    Below is our team teacher contact information in order to reach us here at school:

    Mr. Gallaher
    5th Grade English/ Language Arts (ELA) teacher
    email- sgallaher@uscsd.k12.pa.us
    phone- (412) 833-1600 extension 5050  
    Mrs. Brinkhoff
    5th Grade Math teacher
    email- cbrinkhoff@uscsd.k12.pa.us.
    phone- (412) 833-1600 extension 5033 
    Mr. Jones
    5th Grade Social Studies teacher
    phone (412) 833-1600 extension 5045
    Mr. Gombar 
    5th Grade Science teacher
    phone (412) 833-1600 extension 5044