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    The Technology Department at Upper St. Clair School District plays a pivotal role in enhancing educational processes, improving communication, and boosting operational efficiency through the strategic provision and support of technological resources.

    Since 1996, the department has witnessed significant advancements under the adept leadership of Raymond Berrott, Director of Technology, thanks to the dedicated efforts of team members Erin Walker, Susan Lovett, Paul Jaglowski, Todd West, Michael Binkley, Anthony Marino, Mark Loya, and Tammy Brant.  

    This department is committed to meticulously orchestrating the acquisition and deployment of technology solutions, ensuring alignment with educational curricula, and addressing the requirements of students, educators, and administrative staff. Every classroom benefits from access to a high-speed wide area network and a suite of online interactive tools. This empowers both faculty and students to transcend traditional learning boundaries and engage with global educational resources, inspiring a new era of education.

    Aligned with the district's visionary approach, the integration of technology into daily scholastic activities encompasses the widespread application of relevant hardware and software across all curricular areas. This strategic alignment ensures that technological resources are not isolated as a distinct study but are employed as integral tools for teaching and learning across various subjects, instilling confidence in our strategic direction.

    Ray Berrott

    Raymond Berrott, Director of Technology

    Paul Jaglowski

    Paul Jaglowski, Network Administrator
    Primary Responsibilities: Central Office Support, Networks, WiFi, Infrastructure, Internet connectivity, Security, K-12 support, etc.

    Michael Binkley

    Michael Binkley, Network Systems Specialist
    Primary Responsibilities: Smart Desk (Student Help Desk), Networks & Infrastructure, Audio/Video, Communication Systems, Projects, K-12 support, Event Management Systems, etc.
    Todd West
    Todd West, Database/System Administrator
    Primary Responsibilities: Canvas, Focus, Integrations, Database Management, Student Data, Core systems support, etc.
    Erin Walker
    Erin Walker, Technology Systems Specialist
    Primary Responsibilities: Eisenhower & Fort Couch support, Device Management Systems, Software/Apps, Training, etc.
    Susan Lovett
    Susan Lovett, Technology Systems Specialist
    Primary Responsibilities: Baker, Streams, & Boyce support, Software/Apps, Training, Device Management Systems,  Student 1:1 devices, etc.
    Anthony Marino
    Anthony Marino, Technology Systems Specialist
    Primary Responsibilities: High School support, Audio/Visual, Software/Apps, Windows Software/Management, Device Management Systems, Cabling/Wiring,  Student 1:1 devices, etc. 
    Mark Loya
    Mark Loya, Technology Systems Specialist
    Primary Responsibilities: High School support, Audio/Visual, Software/Apps, Device Management Systems, Student 1:1 devices, etc. 
    Tammy Brant
    Tammy Brant, Student Data Admin Specialist
    Primary Responsibilities: Focus Administration, Student Data Management, PIMS Administrator/Child Accounting Specialist, State/Federal Reporting, etc.

    For more information, contact:

    Raymond Berrott
    Director of Technology
    412-833-1600, Ext. 2059

    To access the District's support website, which includes many technical self-help articles, please visit https://support.uscsd.k12.pa.us.

    If you are in need of Technical Support, we are here to help! Please refer to How to Get Technology Help for the fastest possible service.