Mission Statement

    We teach mathematics so that our students can develop the critical-thinking and analytical skills required to understand how the world works in order to advance society, make logical choices in their own lives, and communicate intelligently.

    Curriculum Leader: Mr. Steven Miller
    412.833.1600, after message press #1 and then dial 2647


    Mathematics Faculty
    Staff Member Extension
    Alloway, Emily
    Bennett, Bryan 2295
    Coffman, Kevin 2605
    Erbrecht, Chad 2636
    Funfar, Michael 2635
    Fisher, Stephanie 2622
    Haas, Amanda 2645
    Hughes, Melissa 2669
    Langley, Corey 2648
    Miller, Steve 2647
    Nicholson, Jared 2607
    Shefler, Alex 2659
    Strayer, Shannon 2630
    Vizzini, Antoinette 2531

    Calculator Information

    Although students are not required to have calculators, the Mathematics department recommends that students in 11th and 12th grade Mathematics courses have access to a graphing calculator. The Texas Instruments 83 or 84 (TI-83/84) is recommended for compatibility with school technology. The teachers use TI-83/84 calculators and may have programs that can be downloaded to the student's calculator. Although students may use calculator models other than the TI-83/84, it is the responsibility of the student to understand how to use their calculator to meet the needs and uses of the class.