• Weather-related Delays & Cancellations  


    As the winter season is quickly approaching, I want to assure you that Upper St. Clair School District is committed to providing safe transportation to and from school for all students. Outlined below are some of the essential steps we take when considering to delay or cancel school:

    • Our director of transportation travels the roads throughout Upper St. Clair to assess the road conditions and determine if they will present any issues for our school buses.
    • Our bus garage mechanics ensure that the school buses are free of snow and ice and are capable of transporting students safely to and from school.
    • District staff members inspect the schools in and around the grounds to determine if there are any conditions that would present difficulty for individuals to enter or exit the buildings.
    • The Township public works staff and police officers partner with the School District and are an important resource in assisting with the decision to delay or cancel.
    • The district communicates with neighboring school districts to discuss their assessment of local road and weather conditions.

    Should the District need to delay, issue a Flexible Instructional Day (FID), or cancel school, every effort will be made to notify families as soon as possible on the day of school and, when possible, the prior evening. Keep in mind that changing weather and/or road conditions may necessitate revising a decision from a delay to a cancellation.

    Notifications regarding school delays, Flexible Instructional Days (FID) and closings are shared with families through the district’s communication sources including the following:

    • Automated calls and emails via School Messenger: As soon as a decision is reached, calls are made via School Messenger. The system uses the phone numbers and emails provided through Back-To-School-Online. If you need to update your phone number(s) and email(s), please contact your child’s school office.
    • District website: uscsd.k12.pa.us
    • Facebook: facebook.com/USCSchools/
    • Twitter/X: twitter.com/USCSchools
    • Local TV Stations (KDKA, WTAE and WPXI): Please note that the district does not control how quickly TV stations update their information on-air and online. 

    Detailed Information

    We realize that school delays and cancellations can create challenges for families. Please know that these decisions are made with a great deal of thought and consideration.