• English Department

    Curriculum Leader - Ms. Melissa Tungate - ext. 2233
    English Department Aide - Mrs. Helena Barinas - ext. 2357

    The English department at the high school offers a comprehensive program focused on meeting the individual needs of the students. This program, at each level 9-12, provides all of the basic English skills fortified with reading and study skills. All courses are college preparatory that incorporate literature, writing, speaking and research skills in a sequenced pattern in grades 9-12. The honors program, culminating with the advanced placement classes on the twelfth grade level, is a rigorous and challenging program designed to develop analytical skills as well as advanced level writing and speaking skills. Students have the option to take the AP exams at the end of the year. Students also have the option to take International Baccalaureate courses, Middle Years Program in ninth and tenth grades and Diploma Program in eleventh and twelfth grades. The IB- DP course is considered a two-year course with multiple assessments throughout the two years, including an exam at the end of twelfth grade. 

    In addition to the basic English curriculum, the department offers a variety of electives for the further enrichment of the students. These electives include Creative Writing, Multi-media Journalism, Speech, and Video.


    English Department Faculty

    Dial 412.833.1600, choose 1 from the menu and enter extension.
    Name Extension
    Bossart, Gena  2551
    Buccilli, Daniela 2534
    Cecelia, Elizabeth 2536
    DeWalt, Caty 2662
    Duchi, Jianina 2675
    Froelich, Keith 2317
    Guarnaccio, Christina 2646
    Gouker, Giulia 2539
    Moeller, Laura 2657
    Robbibaro, Emily 2312
    Sabram, Tim 2637
    Susa, Sarah 2538
    Surunis, Lexi  2631
    Tungate, Melissa  2233
    Watson, David 2533