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    Developing lifelong learners and responsible citizens for a global society is the mission of the Upper St. Clair School District, served by a responsive and innovative staff who in partnership with the community provides learning experiences that nurture the uniqueness of each child and promotes happiness and success.

    The USCSD administrative offices are open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. School hours vary for our students - please check on the building level websites for more information.
    Upper St. Clair School District
    District Administrative Building
    1775 McLaughlin Run Road
    Upper St. Clair  PA  15241
    412.833.1600 x 2202

    Superintendent's Office

    Dr. John Rozzo
    412.833.1600 x 3211
    Superintendent's Office:
    Mrs. Mary Ann Stabile
    412.833.1600 x 2201
    Assistant Superintendent/
    Deputy Superintendent:
    Dr. Sharon Suritsky
    412.833.1600 x 2213
    Assistant to the Superintendent:
    Mrs. Amy Pfender
    412.833.1600 x 2062
    Assistant Superintendent's Office:
    Mrs. Sarah MacDonald
    412.833.1600 x 2218

    Other Administrators

    Director of Operations & Facilities:
    Dr. Louis Angelo
    412.833.1600 x 2272
    Director of Technology:
    Mr. Raymond Berrott
    412.833.1600 x 2059
    Director of Curriculum &
    Professional Development:
    Dr. Judy Bulazo
    412.833.1600 x 2061
    Director of Business & Finance:
    Mr. Scott Burchill
    412.833.1600 x 2054
    Senior Director of Operations & Administrative Services:
    Mr. Ray Carson, Jr.
    412.833.1600 x 2063
    Director of Advancement:
    Mrs. Sheila Gorgonio
    412.833.1600 x 2826
    Assistant Director of Student Support Services:
    Mrs. Lauren Madia
    412.833.1600 x 2113
    Director of Transportation:
    Mr. Jonn Mansfield
    412.833.1600 x 3451
    Director of Strategic Initiatives:
    Mr. Bradley Wilson
    412.833.1600 x 3318
    Director of Student Support Services:
    412.833.1600 x 2062


    Communications Specialist: 
    Tina Vojtko
    412.833.1600 x 2215

    School Building Main Offices
    Baker Elementary School
    412.833.1600 x 4000
    Eisenhower Elementary School
    412.833.1600 x 8000
    Streams Elementary School
    412.833.1600 x 6000
    Boyce Middle School
    412.833.1600 x 5000
    Fort Couch Middle School
    412.833.1600 x 3000
    USC High School
    412.833.1600. x 2236

    Building Principals

    Baker Elementary School (K-4)
    Dr. Patrick McClintock-Comeaux
    412.833.1600 x 4001
    Eisenhower Elementary School (K-4)
    Mr. Mark Miller
    412.833.1600 x 8001
    Streams Elementary School (K-4)
    Dr. Claire Miller
    412.833.1600 x 6001
    Boyce Middle School (5-6)
    Mr. Daniel O'Rourke
    412.833.1600 x 5001
    Fort Couch Middle School (7-8)
    Mr. Joseph DeMar
    412.833.1600 x 3001
    Upper St. Clair High School (9-12)
    Dr. Tim Wagner
    412.833.1600 x 2530

    Health Offices

    Nurse Department Chair: 
    Ms. Holly Fisher
    412.833.1600 x 4005 or 5005

    Athletics Office

    Director of Athletics: 
    Dr. Kevin Deitrick
    412.833.1600 x 2261

    School Police

    Chief of School Police: 
    Mr. Sean Bryson
    412.833.1600 x 2560

    Contracted Services

    ARAMARK Food Services:
    Ms. Jennifer Marken
    412.833.1600 x 2287

    To access the complete Staff Directory, click here.