• Welcome to USC High School!

    serving students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12
    Three times recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School and named as a New American High School by the Federal Department of Education, Upper St. Clair High School is a four-year, comprehensive school with a strong emphasis on preparation for college. The school is located in a residential area approximately 15 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh on US Route 19 and is well known for a long tradition of success in academics, in the arts, and in athletics.

    You are invited to visit Upper St. Clair electronically by using the appropriate website links from the menus above or by coming to the campus in person to meet the students, faculty, and staff and touring the beautiful facilities.

    School hours are 8 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. for our students.
    Upper St. Clair High School
    1825 McLaughlin Run Road
    Upper St. Clair  PA  15241
    412.833.1600 x 2236

    Principals' Office

    Principal: Dr. Timothy M. Wagner
    412.833.1600 x2530
    Administrative Assistant:  Ms. Kristie Dawson
    412.833.1600 x 2256
    Assistant Principal:  Dr. Daniel Beck
    for students A - Le
    412.833.1600 x 2276
    Assistant Principal:  Ms. Cara Senger
    for students Li - Z
    412.833.1600 x 2254
    Secretary:  Mrs. Lisa Henricks
    412.833.1600 x 2275

    Attendance Office

    412.833.1600 x 2209
    Secretary:  Ms. Karen Huckestein
    412.833.1600 x 2532
    Aide:  Ms. Nancy Rigano
    412.833.1600 x 2603

    Health Office

    School Nurse:  Ms. Cindy Baird
    412.833.1600 x 2257

    Athletics Office

    Director of Athletics: Mr. Danny Holzer
    412.833.1600 x 2260

    Secretary:  Ms. Kimberly Valeriano
    412.833.1600 x 2260

    Counseling Office

    Curriculum Leader:  Dr. Jennifer Kirk (10th-12th grade, S-Z)
    412.833.1600 x 2403
    Ms. Courtney Wregget (9th grade, A-Le)
    412.833.1600 x 2401
    Ms. Kristin Frommeyer (10th-12th grade, A-E)
    412.833.1600 x 2400
    Ms. Bethany Lash (10th-12th grade, F-Le)
    412.833.1600 x 2408
    Mr. Thomas Marquis (9th grade, Li-Z)
    412.833.1600 x 2406
    Ms. Kristin Pardini (10th-12th grade, Li-R)
    412.833.1600 x 2404
    Student Registrar:  Ms. Emmy Stoecklein
    412.833.1600 x 2407
    Secretary:  Ms. Sharon Mackowick    
    412.833.1600 x 2293
    Secretary:  Ms. Alissa Mammana
    412.833.1600 x 2294

    To access the complete Staff Directory, click here.