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    USCHS Leadership Academy
    The national award-winning USCHS Leadership Academy is a one-week summer workshop offering students exposure to leadership concepts and practices. Students identify their leadership strengths and learn how these skills may be used to make them successful in all stages of life. Through experiential learning strategies, group projects, and hands-on activities, students experience the application of leadership skills, building confidence in their abilities and enhancing their capacity to serve in leadership roles.   

    la Students leave the USCHS Leadership Academy with a Personalized Leadership Plan to assist with their development of leadership skills in the future. The Leadership Academy is open to ALL USC HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!  Students attending the Leadership Academy may earn one (1) elective credit. If you and your child are interested, please view and download the registration form for more information.  

    Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the national award-winning Leadership Academies are cancelled for the summer of 2020.



    Who you are is how you lead!
    - Charles Schwahn and William Spady