Welcome back for the 2019-20 school-year! While there are a number of exciting changes at the beginning of each new year, the transition to middle school is an important milestone. 

    One major change at this level is the increase in access to instructional technology that your child will experience beginning this year and continuing through high school graduation. All Upper St. Clair middle and high school students receive a 1:1 device to support their learning both at home and at school. 

    Middle school students (grades 5-8) use iPads in tandem with our online Learning Management System, Canvas, to manage their learning materials, and access various educational applications and tools. This combination of hardware and software provides students with access to learning materials to support their learning at home and in school in a consistent and reliable manner.

    For those without older middle and high school-aged children, the 1:1 program and its embedded educational technology may be new and unfamiliar. As educational partners, we want to ensure that you have the information and knowledge needed to properly support and monitor these tools, your child’s online activities, as well as academic performance.

    To support you in this process and to pick up your child’s 1:1 device, parents are asked to attend our 1:1 distribution night... on Thursday, Aug. 29 at Boyce Middle School. Plans for the evening’s activities are included below.    


    Agenda for Thursday, Aug. 29

    5:30 – 8 p.m. 

    iPad Distribution, Boyce Middle School Library

    • Distribution of iPads will take place from 5:30-8 p.m. in the library at Boyce Middle School.
    • Parents/guardians are the only individuals who are permitted to pick up their child's device.
    • Depending on the volume of parents who arrive at any given time, this process could take up to 30 minutes.
      To expedite this process, parents are encouraged to complete their online Technology Protection Plan election prior to arriving.

    Click here for information about the Technology Protection Plan

    7 – 7:45 p.m.

    Informational Session, Boyce Middle School Theatre (optional)

    • Building and district administrators will share key information about the 1:1 Learning Initiative and Canvas from 7 – 7:45 p.m.
      Topics discussed include: Rationale, Internet Filtering, Technology Protection Plan, Canvas Learning Management System
    • We recognize that many fifth graders have older siblings already accustomed to the 1:1 program and their parents have attended one or more previous sessions. Therefore, this informational session is not mandatory, but we encourage all families new to 1:1 to attend.

    Can't Attend?

    • For students whose parents are unable to attend the iPad Distribution on Thursday, Aug. 29, iPads will be distributed during the school day beginning Friday, Aug. 30. In order to receive his/her iPad, the student’s parents must have completed the online Technology Protection Plan Agreement (opt-in or opt-out).

    We will follow up with an email reminder to fifth-grade families in the days leading up to the event, which will include a few more details about this process. If you have any questions about iPad distribution or the 1:1 Learning Initiative, please visit https://www.uscsd.k12.pa.us/Page/11230, and your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate individuals.