1:1 Learning Initiative
    Learning Initiative Welcome back! We hope that our students and families are excited for another great school-year in the Upper St. Clair School District. We would like to share a few key 1:1 updates as well as an updated explanation of the 1:1 Learning Initiative.

    Key Updates

    1. Canvas: One of the most significant changes that we are implementing this year relates to the move from Blended Schools (with the BlackBoard Learning Management System) to Canvas. This change was made with students, parents and teachers in mind. The most powerful component for the first year is the shared calendar that enables parents to access all of their children's homework from one location (for children in grades 5-12). For more information, see the Canvas webpage.

    2. Apple Classroom Manager: Throughout the past few years of implementing 1:1 in our classrooms, the most common request from teachers has been to be able to see the screens of their students' iPads from their own device. This is now possible and is being rolled out to teachers. "Classroom" as the teachers will call it, provides teachers with the ability to lock iPads into one app or nothing at all, monitor what is on the students' screens, and link them immediately to important content. This new addition is exciting for our staff and will greatly benefit our students. 

    3. Securly for Parents: Last year we made a switch to Securly for web-based Internet filtering. One feature that was highly touted, but only recently became available to us, is their parent access, which enables parents to monitor their child's online activity. The feature prevents students from being able to hide their usage through private browsing and/or by clearing their history. Stay tuned for more information about this.  

    1:1 Learning Initiative Introductory Video (updated August 2017)

    Informational Flyer



    1:1 Flyer

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