• 2023-24 Chromebooks

    The Upper St. Clair School District provides every student with a Chromebook. Starting this school year there will no longer be an option to purchase a Technology Protection Plan (TPP).

    USCSD will be financially responsible for:

    • Defective equipment
    • Hardware issues
    • Non functioning components
    • All physical components of the 1:1 device due to accidental damage
    • Theft of a device (must provide a copy of the police report)

    Students/Parents will be financially responsible for:

    • Intentional damage, abuse, vandalism, or improper use/care, which results in structural damage including, but not limited to: bending, missing parts/components, dents, scratches, cracks, modifications, or disassembly of the device, etc.
    • Excessive wear and tear
    • Missing or damaged charger, charging/power cable and/or stylus
    • Loss of a Chromebook 

    **The Upper St. Clair School District will determine if damages were accidental or the result of intentional damage, abuse, or improper use/care.

    Students are responsible for any and all damage to their Chromebook unless determined otherwise by the Upper St. Clair School District administration. If it is determined through an investigation that the student’s device was damaged by another student, all students involved will be financially responsible for the damage incurred.

    Estimated repair costs for Chromebook*:

    • A damaged or broken display typically costs $215 or more
    • A damaged keyboard or hinge typically costs $100 or more
    • A damaged port typically costs $200 or more
    • Replacement for a lost, stolen, or unrepairable Chromebook costs $400 or more

    *1:1 devices are owned by the Upper St. Clair School District and all repairs must be completed by the district. Students must use the help desk procedures to request a repair. Parents/Students are not authorized to repair or have third parties repair any 1:1 device.

    As per Board Policy 815 - Acceptable Use of Internet, Computers and Network Resources, any outstanding technology invoices must be paid in full by the end of the school year.