• TO:  All high school teachers and department aides
    FROM:  Janine Despines (Librarian, ext. 2524) and Sandy Gallo (Media Secretary, ext. 2516)
    It is the time of year for us to collect and update our audio visual inventory database at the high school. av Rather than doing so on paper, we are collecting the information via an online form. We need to hear from every staff member who has AV equipment in their classroom or in their planning area. If you share a room with others, then only one of you needs to fill in the form BUT must also list the other staff names. The link to the online form is provided below.
    Things to remember:
    • Include all district-owned barcoded items. If you are not sure what to include, call Sandy Gallo.
    • If you share the equipment with other staff members, make sure that you list their names as well as yours on the form. Only one of you needs to fill out the form per room.
    • Include the USC barcode number - it's the small silver label with black print - a five or six digit number.
    • DO NOT INCLUDE mounted televisions, mounted video projectors. Promethean boards or carts.
    • DO INCLUDE televisions or video projectors on carts - basically any AV equipment that is "mobile."
    • Check to ensure that all equipment is in good working order. If not, please report that on the form.
    Before your last day of school, put your name and room number on ALL equipment to ensure that, if moved over the summer, it will "return" to the correct location.
    Please complete the online form by Wednesday, June 5, 2013. Click here to access that form.
    Thank you for your cooperation - we appreciate it!