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     s econd grade IB-PYP!
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    octopusWelcome to second grade!  My name is Lauren Bogus and I am so excited to be your child's second grade teacher. We are going to have a fabulous year full of learning, fun, and excitement!  Second grade is a year full of incredible changes.  You will see your child blossom into an amazing reader, writer, and thinker.  Our class will also learn how to solve problems, perform science experiments, and develop organizational skills.

    fishThe goal of this website is to help with the important connection between home and school.  You the parents have been your child's teacher their entire life. I hope to add to this amazing life long journey of learning. I know this will be an exciting, positive year filled with fun learning and the start of wonderful new friendships!
    My phone number is: 412.833-1600 ext. 6040
    My email address is: lbogus@uscsd.k12.pa.us