• Formed in 1994, MESH (Multicultural Education for Social Harmony) is a group of concerned students, parents, faculty and administrators in the Upper St. Clair (USC) school district (South Hills area of Pittsburgh) who see cultural and ethnic diversity as a local, national and global strength. MESH is committed to multicultural initiatives that will better the education for all students of the USC school district.

    MESH Mission Statement

    To develop learned and responsible citizens who recognize the value of a multiethnic community and have the skills needed to interact with a global society by educating both students and personnel to the historic contributions various ethnic groups have made to our society and the social progress we as a heterogeneous society want to obtain.

    MESH Code of Ethics

    In order to maintain a high level of conduct within MESH and for MESH to continue its mission, the following Code of Ethics has been adopted:

    The MESH name and activities will not be used to benefit any individual. MESH goals are in line with the growth of the USC community. MESH affiliation will not be used for personal financial gain. MESH affiliation will not be used for the promotion of personal political or religious agendas. Personal acts deemed harmful to the best collective interests of MESH will be avoided at all times.

Last Modified on August 26, 2004