Chorus (Level 4)
    The chorus meets once each week after school and presents two performances per school year under the direction of the music teacher.  The winter program is presented in concert form and the spring performance is in the form of a musical with modest set and costumes.

    Art Club (Level 4)
    The art club meets with the art teacher to involve students in a variety of special arts and crafts projects and work with many different materials and art media.  During the 2003 - 2004 school year, art club participants will be involved in a very exciting “artist in residence” program taking place at Streams Elementary School.  A before-school session and an after-school session of art club are available.  

    Intramurals (Level 4)
    The intramurals program for boys and girls meets weekly after school in the gym under the direction of the physical education teacher.  The intramurals program is designed to develop skills in a variety of sports and games.  Proper gym shoes are required for participation.