Welcome to the Baker Elementary Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) webpage!   We are an active volunteer-based organization, which supports better education, more resources, safer schools for every child, and greater parent involvement.  From homework to recess, from friendships to family, your child's development never stops.  And neither do we.   Please have a look around and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.   

    Volunteer Opportunities for the 2023-24 School Year

    We are looking ahead to the next school year and are now seeking volunteers for the following openings.    Click  HERE for all the details and descriptions of each role

    PTA Executive Board

    • Vice President (we have a nominee, thank you)
    • Secretary (we have a nominee, thank you)    

    Nominations can be emailed to PTAPresident.baker@gmail.com and PTAVP.baker@gmail.com between now and the April 13th General Meeting.   All nominations will be announced at the April meeting and new board members will be installed during the May 18th meeting.

    PTA Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs

    Click HERE to view all the details, but here is the short list:

    1. After-School Activities -- Seeking Chair and Co-Chair
    2. Baker Gardens -- Seeking Chair
    3. Spirit Nights -- Seeking Chair
    4. 4th Grade Memory Book -- Seeking Co-Chair
    5. Grade Level Socials -- Seeking Chair and Co-Chair per grade level
      1. Kindergarten -- Seeking Co-Chair
      2. 1st Grade -- Seeking Co-Chair
      3. 2nd Grade -- Seeking Chair and Co-Chair 
      4. 3rd Grade -- Seeking Chair and Co-Chair   
      5. 4th Grade -- Seeking Chair and Co-Chair   
    6. Membership -- Seeking Chair  (FILLED)
    7. Read-A-Thon -- Seeking Co-Chair (FILLED)
    8. School Supply Kits -- Seeking Chair.   (FILLED)
    9. Assemblies (in-school) -- Seeking Chair (FILLED)
    10. Baker Boo Bash -- Seeking Co-Chair (FILLED)