Blue Ribbon Schools
    Since the Blue Ribbon Schools Program was established by the Secretary of Education in 1982, it has developed into a national school improvement strategy with three purposes. First, it identifies and recognizes outstanding public and private schools across the nation. Second, the program makes research-based effectiveness criteria available to all schools so they can assess themselves and plan improvements. Third, the program encourages schools, both within and among themselves, to share information about best practices based on a common understanding of criteria related to educational success.

    Blue Ribbon Schools are models of both excellence and equity. To be recognized, a school must demonstrate a strong commitment to educational excellence for all students. The program recognizes schools that have demonstrated sustained success in achieving these values.

    Baker Elementary School was recognized with the Blue Ribbon School award in 1998-99 and then again in 2015-16.

    For more information on the Blue Ribbon Schools program, click here.
Last Modified on October 9, 2015