• c2We are very excited to be upgrading our websites to Centricity2! The changes  will be advantageous to you as an editor. And, at the same time, we will be re-designing our template on all of our district websites. A new look for USCSD!

    Our staff needs to be updated, not retrained. Although it seems as though these changes might be overwhelming, they will not be if you are an active user of your SchoolWires web pages. Everything you did before will be possible, and more, with Centricity2. All of your pages and content will be there when you begin using the new editor. Training help cards, guides and videos are available to you on this site - see Training Guides/Videos.

    The upgrade begins on February 22 and we hope to "go live" with it March 6. The current site will remain up until the changeover occurs.

    February 22
    , you should perform the following "clean up" to yourcleanup section:

    • Delete any unused pages. (Subsite directors who take care of the home page should delete any unneeded announcements and headlines.)
    • Delete any unused files or images. (Go to Tools and Files & Folders and delete from there.)

    AFTER February 22, any content added to your site will NOT be migrated over in the Centricity2 upgrade. Therefore, get as much content added before the 22nd as you can and add as little as possible until the new site is up. Once your new site is up and running, you will have to add in anything you created after the 22nd. Your old Centricity site will be available for two weeks after the upgrade is completed so you can access it to copy and paste content created after February 22nd.