• Counseling Program                  

    Kindness Inspires Kindness Our school counseling and guidance program is a part of the total school program and compliments learning in the classroom. It is child-centered, preventative and developmental. Our counseling and guidance program encourages students' social, emotional and personal growth.

    The counselors work directly with students in individual and group counseling sessions. These discussions include topics such as self-understanding, getting acquainted in a new school, friendship, and other relevant topics. We also consult with parents, teachers and other professionals to help students maximize to their fullest potential.

    A unique aspect of our program is that of a teaching component. We spend one class period a week in each classroom where we teach from an established curriculum. The curriculum addresses pre-adolescent issues.  For additional information on our distri ct approved guidance curriculum, please click the "Guidance Curriculums" link to the left.