•  Welcome to Team 3!  
    We have great plans for your children this year (2018-19)!  We have a wonderful team with lots of experience and exciting ideas.  Fort Couch is an amazing place to be, and we hope all of our FC families enjoy it!  
    As for me, well, let's just say that for MANY years, I have taught grades 7-12 in English (ELA), Journalism, Creative Writing, and English Composition at schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I have taught all levels:  academic, vocational, honors, and remedial.  I was at USC's High School from 1999-2011 before moving to the Fort. I went to Mount Union College, Kent State University, Youngstown State University, and the University of Pittsburgh.  I have a bachelor's degree in English- Education and a master's degree as a reading specialist.  My husband and I have two children. When we're not working, we love relaxing and traveling. I especially enjoy watching my Pittsburgh Penguins! I also like to read, cook, bake, garden, and work out. 
    As for academic matters, our main areas of focus in ELA include, of course, vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading (novels, fiction, poetry, and non-fiction), PSSA preparation, and enrichment activities.  Because we cover so many topics in one single class period per day, we are very busy during class, and your children will have homework. Students WILL have a required binder, in which they will keep many important papers. They will also be expected to use several applications on the ipad, though we spend much time without using electronics. 
    Supply-wise, each team (and each teacher) is a little different, but here are my requirements:  
         1 binder (1 1/2 or 2-inch), to be used ONLY for ELA
         5 dividers to separate sections (reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and miscellaneous)
         a bit of loose-leaf paper for spare notes (I'll have some in the classroom - not much is needed.)
         1 two-pocket folder (handy ones are also hole-punched, but it isn't necessary) for novel work
         SO MANY PENCILS!  (Students should always have at least one with them!)
         1 highlighter (I'll have some to borrow, but it is helpful to have one's own.) 
    Some students like to have a pencil bag, multiple highlighters, post-it notes, a pen or two, a stylus...all personal preference. 
    That's it!  I hope you have a great rest of the summer, and we'll see you soon! 
    Cheryl Leonard
      (My crew this summer at the Valley of the Gods in Agrigento, Sicily.)  
     Agrigento, Sicily