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    Welcome to Eighth Grade Social Studies

    Welcome to Mr. Kyle's eighth grade social studies website.  Eighth grade social studies surveys flagAmerican history from 1875 to 1945.  During the first nine weeks the students will explore topics including Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization.  The second nine weeks begins with a look at the rise of the United States as a world power.  It proceeds to look at the start of World War I and America's entry into the war.  Students will study the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and the New Deal during the third nine weeks.  The year ends with a look at the rise of dictatorship and aggression in Europe and Asia and culminates with an indepth look at World War II.  The study of geography, economics, and current events will be interwoven into the curriculum.  My goals are three-fold: first I want ladystudents to enjoy coming to my class, second I want them to learn the story of America, and third I want to prepare them for high school.  I attempt to present the material five times in five different ways.  I tell the story, the students read the story, they watch the story, they write about the story, and they play the story through some kind of review game prior to being assessed on the content.

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