Computers are an integral part of the curriculum at Fort Couch rather than a separate course of study. There is not a separate computer applications course taught to students rather computer/technology instruction occurs as part of each curriculum areas' objectives. There are sixty networked Macintosh eMac computers available in two centrally located labs on the second floor. There are also 60 laptop computers available to be moved to any location in the building with a network connection. Besides word-processing, database and spreadsheet software, all the electronic library resources are available at each terminal. The Internet is available for curriculum-related research and activities. The focus is to provide technology that will create an enriched environment where learners may observe, question, conjecture, explore and communicate effectively. Students are encouraged to expand their capacity to access, comprehend and interpret information independently and use it efficiently.
    All students use computers to access information for research. Interdisciplinary activities such as the Most Livable City  project requires students to apply math, research and social studies concepts learned in the classroom as they form an in-depth comparison of two cities on a spread sheet. Students use desktop publishers to create original colonial newspapers when studying the revolutionary war.
    Simulations such as Oregon Trail  enrich the curriculum. During music class, students compose original compositions. Computer software allows students to evaluate an average daily diet and compare it to recommended daily requirements. One of the more popular pieces of software, Microsoft Power Point, allows students to create a slide show to present material researched about a specific topic.
    Students receive a password that enables them to save classroom assignments to the server. Students and parents must review and sign a usage agreement that encourages the proper and ethical use of the Internet before access is permitted. Computer usage varies from team to team and is dependent on the need to teach and reinforce curriculum skills.
    All teachers have access to a computer in their assigned work area that is networked and have Internet access for classroom research and study.