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    Advanced Math Topics/IB Higher Level Year 2
    This course is designed to give the highly-motivated math student experience with a wide variety of mathematical topics that he or she will study in college during the pursuit of a math- or science-based degree. Such topics include, but are not limited to, vectors, linear algebra, probability and statistics, infinite series and differential equations.

    Programming Languages 1 and 2

    This is an introductory course in programming using the very popular and powerful Python programming language. Students will learn the basics of programming as they progress through topics including input/output, functions, conditionals and loops, event-driven programming, and object-oriented programming. 

    AP Computer Science 
    Students study advanced topics in computer science using the Java programming language. Through an extensive amount of hands-on experience, students become very familiar with the object-oriented programming paradigm and are fully prepared to take the AP Computer Science A examination.  

    IB Computer Science Standard Level
    Students taking this course learn about a broad range of topics related to computer science. Topics include progamming, networking, computer hardware fundamentals, and web design. As part of the IB program, students complete an internal assessment consisting of a long range project in computer science. At the conclusion of the course, students take the IB Computer Science Standard Level examination.

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    I have been a mathematics teacher at Upper St. Clair High School since 2004, and have been the high school mathematics curriculum leader since 2009. Prior to teaching I was a software developer, having received my bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Virginia. After working in the software industry for five years, primarily with Carnegie Learning, a mathematics education company, I decided to pursue teaching. I received my master's degree in teaching from the University of Pittsburgh and have been at USC ever since.