• Mr. Luke Loboda

    HS Social Studies teacher
    MS football coach
    Phone: 412-833-1600 x2604 Email: lloboda@uscsd.k12.pa.us


    I grew up in Northeast Ohio and played football, swimming, and band. I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and then a Master of American History and Government from Ashland University.

    Courses Taught: 

    AMERICAN CIVICS (MYP) - Civics is the study of the workings of our political system and the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship. Students investigate all levels of government (federal, state, and local) and focus on their participating role in the political, social, and economic aspects of our democracy. 

    WORLD GEOGRAPHY (MYP) - The overall goal of World Geography is to provide the student with a core of knowledge about the world’s geographic regions and how to relate this knowledge to events in today’s rapidly changing world. In addition, the acquisition of geography skills is stressed along with the application of these skills to the various geographic regions of the world. Through these activities, the students will learn to relate the physical geography to the economic, political, social, historical, and cultural aspects of human activity. We will use a comparative model to accomplish these goals. 

    AMERICAN LAW AND JUSTICE- American Law and Justice is a full year, Junior and Senior course designed to provide students with a practical understanding of law and the legal system; to improve understanding of the fundamental principles and values underlying our Constitution, laws, and legal system; to promote awareness of current issues and controversies relating to law and the legal system; to encourage effective citizen participation in our legal system; and to bring about a greater sense of justice, tolerance, and fairness. The course is designed to improve basic skills, including critical thinking and reasoning, communication, observation, and problem solving. The curriculum includes a balance of legal knowledge, application of this knowledge, and experiential activities. Activities include legal case studies, mock-trials, role-plays, small group exercises, and the use of community resource people in the classroom, such as lawyers and police officers. The course includes real-life opportunities related to law such as law-related field trips and job shadowing experiences.

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