• Welcome to USC! 
    On behalf of the Upper St. Clair School District family, welcome to our district community. We are happy that you have chosen to make your home and raise your family with us. The school district has enjoyed remarkable success and, for that reason, has attracted families from all over the world who now call Upper St. Clair their home.

    There are six public schools in the Upper St. Clair School District. Three are K-4 elementary schools - Baker Elementary School, Eisenhower Elementary School and Streams Elementary School; two are middle schools - Boyce Middle School (5-6) and Fort Couch Middle School (7-8); and one is a high school, Upper St. Clair High School (9-12). Over the past decade, the district began an ambitious renovation program with the completion of a "state-of-the-art" reconstruction of the high school facility completed in June 2000, renovation and reconstruction of all three elementary schools completed in September 2003 and the Middle Schools Renovation Project completed in September 2011. With this restoration process, the district has gained modern school facilities with the latest educational advancements for our student population of approximately 4,100 students.

    We are proud to share that 96 percent of students who graduate from Upper St. Clair High School go on to further their education at a college, university or junior college. The district's professional staff is comprised of more than 250 educators, 72 percent of whom hold a master's degree or above, and a support staff of nearly 200 including custodians, nutrition center workers, aides, secretaries, maintenance and transportation personnel.

    The curriculum program is developed directly by the classroom teachers. The district does not review curriculum areas in a five year rotating cycle, but instead reviews each curricular area annually. Each year a district-wide curriculum panel reviews curriculum recommendations that may be formulated by teachers, parents, students or community members that revise, modify or improve the educational program. This guarantees that every year each area of the curriculum will be studied, analyzed and modified, if necessary. Although panel membership includes teacher and administrative representatives from the grade levels and subject areas, parents are welcome to attend the meetings and provide input into the curriculum development process.

    The Upper St. Clair School District is led by nine school board members who are elected at large and serve on a voluntary basis for four-year terms. The board members in Upper St. Clair have always had a keen interest in the educational program and the welfare of our students.

    There is great pride in the district for the many academic, artistic and athletic accomplishments. Our students consistently score at the proficient level or above on the various required Pennsylvania State System of Assessment and Keystone exams. Our students in the band, chorus, orchestra and dramatics are regularly honored throughout the area, and district athletic teams participate annually in championship playoff games at the district and state levels.

    The Upper St. Clair School District currently flies 12 United States Department of Education Blue Ribbon "Excellence In Education" flags, one or more awards for every individual USC school building. Fort Couch Middle School received its fourth Blue Ribbon Award in 2013 as one of 286 schools in the Secondary Blue Ribbon Award Program. Their previous three awards were received in 1987, 1993, and 2002. Only seven other schools in the nation have earned four Blue Ribbon Awards. Eisenhower Elementary School was named as one of 264 exemplary elementary programs with the 2000-2001 Blue Ribbon School Award. Upper St. Clair High School was recognized three times (1984, 1989, 2000) by the President of the United States as one of 202, 218 and 198 (respectively) secondary schools to be commended as a Blue Ribbon School. In 1990, Streams Elementary School was selected as one of 221 elementary schools in the United States to receive the Elementary School Recognition Award for "Excellence In Education." Boyce Middle School was selected in 1992 as one of 228 elementary schools to also receive the Elementary School Recognition Award. Finally, Baker Elementary earned t
    he Elementary School Recognition Award in the Spring of 1999 and, most recently, its second Blue Ribbon designation in 2015.

    In addition, Upper St. Clair High School has earned the prestigious prize of a 2000 New American High School national recognition for "using new instructional techniques, utilizing technology, improving professional development, employing community service and work-based experiences to enhance classroom learning, and developing partnerships with employers, post secondary institutions, community leaders and parents to foster educational reform." 
    Boyce and Fort Couch middle schools were honored with the Donald Eichhorn Schools to Watch designation for 2014-17 from the Pennsylvania State and National Middle Schools Association. The schools previously earned this honor for the years 2011-14 and 2008-11. Schools are chosen for this award from a small number of diverse, high-performing, growth-oriented schools that demonstrate what all middle grades schools are capable of achieving, including measurable gains in the academic achievement of all students over time.
    You will find that there are few school districts where the parents are as actively involved as they are in the schools of the Upper St. Clair School District. Throughout the years, there have been times when the total number of volunteers annually is over 1,700 individuals. These volunteers provide remarkable educational benefits to the district's standard program. Without the work of the volunteers in each of the six schools, the district could not provide the comprehensive educational program that it does.

    You have selected a fine community in which to live and raise your children. We are confident that you will find the schools of the Upper St. Clair School District and the community responsive to your needs and the various school principals eager to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Our administrative staff members are listed on our web site for your convenience.

    • Administrative Central Office - 1820 McLaughlin Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15241
    • Baker Elementary School - 2300 Morton Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15241
    • Eisenhower Elementary School - 100 Warwick Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15241
    • Streams Elementary School - 1560 Ashlawn Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15241
    • Boyce Middle School - 1500 Boyce Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15241
    • Fort Couch Middle School - 515 Fort Couch Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15241
    • Upper St. Clair High School - 1825 McLaughlin Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15241