• Each day, Pride Time (2:45-3:15) at Boyce is a time for students to participate in a variety of team activities and/or extra-curricular activities.The activities during these times vary, but all are meant to serve a purpose for the middle-school child, either as an academic curricular compliment or to promote proper social bPridetime ehavior and team building as participants at the middle school level. This year we will have: 

    Manage Monday- students will be able to start homework, get help from a teacher, organize their digital and physical binders, and organize lockers.

    Techy Tuesday- This pride time is designed for students to utilize their budding tech skills through websites such as Scratch Jr., Code.org, and Khan Academy to solve tasks and develop our new Eagle Sweet app!

    Working Wednesday - This is designed for students to work on any missing assignments, get homework help, organize their lockers and binders. Students may also be pulled by other teachers for enrichment or reinforcement of skills. 

    Thoughtful Thursday - Students are asked to reflect on their week by completing their Thursday Reports.

    Film Friday- Wacky videos are shown as students are able to kick back, relax and laugh. Students may also work on homework, if they choose.