• Sept. 20, 2016
    Volunteers expand Streams playground

    Volunteers Build it and they will come. And build, they did. Eleven parent volunteers – along with Dr. Claire Miller, principal, and Curtis Bischof of General Recreation, Inc. – volunteered their time, talents and hard work to install new playground structures at Streams Elementary School on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016.

    “The way in which our Streams parents stepped up to the plate to help build the new playground additions was nothing short of spectacular!” Leria Miles, Streams PTO president, said. “The Streams PTO sponsored breakfast and lunch for the crew and made sure that all of their needs were met, including providing a Band-Aid or two!”

    Volunteers and helpers that completed the playground construction included: John Quevedo, Justin Hollingsworth, Matt Weaver, Ron Miles, Todd Lancaster, Jim Clougherty, Giuseppe Mammana, Katie Perrotti, Chris Kashak, Todd Brinkman, Dr. Claire Miller (Streams Elementary Principal), Leria Miles (Streams Elementary PTO President) and Curtis Bischof of General Recreation, Inc.

    The playground expansion has been a collaborative effort of the entire school community. The project began in the fall of 2015 as a simple request for swings from a group of fourth grade students – Calliana Duke, Kate Robbins, Shivani Kamineni, and Ashna Banerjee. That simple request morphed into a learning opportunity.

    “One of the core concepts of our Primary Years Program is the concept of Action - that even as a young person, you can take action to make a positive difference,” Dr. Miller said.

    Students researched playground equipment and the required specifications, gathered feedback from their peers, met with officials from the playground equipment company and the school district, and, ultimately, presented their proposal to the Streams PTO with a request for funding.

    “The four students, who initiated the Streams playground expansion project, certainly captured the spirit of that idea, and, consequently, have left a lasting legacy at Streams School,” Dr. Miller said. “I am very honored to have been their principal."

    The four students who were instrumental in bringing the project to fruition are now in sixth grade.

    In addition to generous contributions from the Streams PTO, the school community held a Walk, Run, Play fundraising event in May in support of the playground project. A dedication ceremony is planned for October.