• Upper St. Clair High School

    Music Department

    GuitarBasic Guitar Technique 2016/17

    I. Course Goals

    A. This course is intended to:

    1. Reach students who are interested in music but may not play a traditional band instrument.

    2. Provide a music elective for students interested in modern and classical guitar music.

    3. Provide students with a creative musical outlet.

    B. Through this course, the students will:

    1. Learn a skill that will provide them with a lifetime of enjoyment

    2. Learn to read music

    3. Sing and accompany themselves

    4. Learn and apply music theory

    5. Learn music history

    6. Improvise and compose their own music

    7. Listen to and perform music in many styles

    8. Develop self-discipline and a motivation to learn.

    II. Course Design

    A. The class will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during Mods 5/6.

    B. The class will focus on:

    1. Basic guitar performance techniques

    2. Modern musical styles (Blues, Rock & Roll, Jazz)

    3. Classical guitar technique (fingerpicking)

    4. Note reading, both traditional music notation and tablature

    5. Music history and theory (theoretical and practical)

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