• USCSD Family Directory 

    (Online and Printed Options available)

    Access the Directory HERE: https://uscsd.membershiptoolkit.com

    A few notes on the process:
    1. Look for the Family Directory Verification. Follow the prompts to set up an account. The verification email will be sent to the primary email you submitted in your Back-to-School Online registration. 

    2. Follow the link and complete your directory verification on your computer (verification will not work on your phone). During the process, you will be able to update your family's address, phone numbers, and how you want your children's names listed in the online and printed directory. Your children's homerooms will already be updated for the 2022-2023 school year.

    3. USC Directory Purchase a Printed Family Directory or your PTA/PTO/PTSO Memberships. This is optional and can only be done online during the directory verification process. This is the only way to purchase a printed directory. We ask that you please purchase membership if you are buying a printed directory. Each PTA/PTO/PTSO unit gives time and money to make the directory available to the entire district. 

    4. Look for a PayPal receipt immediately after your purchase. No PayPal receipt = No Transaction. If you do not receive a receipt via email, visit the AtoZ homepage (https://www.atozdirectories.com/login/) and log in using your user name and password. Select the PURCHASE Tab and retry buying your printed directory and/or memberships.

    5. Enjoy the Online Directory for free with Membership immediately after you finish your verification process. The verification process takes about three minutes and after you finish, you will have instant access to the online directory. We highly recommend downloading the freeMembership Toolkit directory app on your smartphone. You will need your username and password that you used to begin the verification process to set up the app for the first time only, then your phone will not ask you again.

    6. If you order a Printed Directory, it will be delivered to your youngest child approximately one month after directory verification ends. We are working hard to have it available before the Winter Break. The school district and Council will share information notifying you when the directories will be delivered so you can watch for it in your child's back pack. 

    Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?   Please email
Last Modified on November 5, 2022