• Medication Administration at the High School

    Medication is to be registered and kept in the health office, including prescription medication and over the counter medication. 

    All medication must be in a properly labeled container. Prescription labels must include the name and telephone number of the pharmacy, the student’s name, the physician’s name, the name of the medication, prescribed dosage, the interval of distribution, the prescription number and the date of the prescription.

    Over the counter medication must be in the original package/container along with any instructions packaged with them. Doctor’s orders and parental permission must be renewed at the start of each school year and have been ordered within six months. 

    Any medication, which must be taken immediately due to a life threatening concern (i.e. inhalers, EpiPen, etc.), may be carried by the student with written permission of the parent and physician.

    High school students may carry their own medication to school but are to take the medication in the health office. Medications will be properly and safely stored in the health office. 

    High school students are permitted to carry on their person a single day’s dose of medication and may assume responsibility for self-administration. To self-administer the student must be able to: 

    Respond to and visually recognize his/her name;
    • identify his/her medication;
    • measure, pour, and administer the prescribed dosage; and
    • demonstrate a cooperative attitude in all aspects of self-administration.

    Students who do not follow this procedure will be subject to disciplinary actions.

    High school students attending field trips should carry medication on their person that must be taken immediately due to a life threatening concern (i.e. inhalers, EpiPen, etc.).

    Please contact the school nurse at 412-833-1600 ext. 2257 if any other medication is needed during a field trip or if you have any questions regarding the administration of medication during the school day or during school activities.