• Student Accident Insurance

    The Directors of the Upper St. Clair School Board have authorized the sale of accident insurance to students enrolled in our schools. There are two plans offering insurance benefits to students. Plan I covers the student 24 hours each day whether the student is in or out of school. Plan II covers the student only on the school premises when school is in session and while traveling to and from school. Dental accident insurance coverage is also available for a small additional premium. Please note that senior high school football is excluded under all plans.

    The District offers this insurance as a public service and participation is voluntary. The premium is $115 for the 24-hour plan (Plan I) and $30 for school-time only (Plan II) coverage. While the School District offers this insurance as a convenience for families, it is important for you to know that the School District’s insurance carrier assumes that all students are covered under a health insurance plan. Therefore, the School District cannot cover medical expenses for students who are injured on school property.
    If you are interested in obtaining this insurance for your child, please review the brochure (linked below) which gives a detailed explanation of the plans offered and the related charges. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Business Office at 412-833-1600, Ext. 2220.
    All claims are processed directly through the insurance carrier. The School District is not responsible for claims or their processing.

    Scott Burchill
    Director of Business & Finance