• June 10, 2016 
    Upper St. Clair honors its retirees

    Upper St. Clair School District celebrated the retirement of 29 faculty and staff members who have a combined 631 years of service to the school community. The district’s annual end-of-year staff breakfast and retiree recognition event was held on Friday, June 10, 2016, at Upper St. Clair High School.

    “Our employees are our most important asset,” Dr. Patrick T. O’Toole, superintendent of schools, said. “The impact that each of our retirees has had on our students, their families and our district is immeasurable. We are grateful for their dedicated service.”

    2015-16 Retirees:

    Baker Elementary School
    • Peter Hess: Custodian, 8 years of service
    • Susan Hofrichter-Watts: Art Teacher, 25 years of service
    • Maureen Strathmann: Teacher Aide, 22 years of service
    Boyce Middle School
    • Richard Falascino: Industrial Arts Teacher, 34.5 years of service
    • Irene Koestner: Head Secretary, 19 years of service 
    • Barbara Snyder: Teacher Aide, 15.5 years of service 
    • Deborah Spada: Teacher, 27.5 years of service
    Bus Garage
    • Robert Fish: Bus Driver, 13 years of service 
    • Donna Hill: Bus Driver, 15.5 years of service 
    • Catherine Kauffman: Bus Attendant, 9.5 years of service
    • Russell Tenace: Bus Driver, 12 years of service
    • Peter Wray: Bus Driver, 2.5 years of service
    Central Office
    • Doreen Leech: Technology Support Coordinator, 28 years of service
    • Eloise Stoehr: Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services, 22.5 years of service
    Eisenhower Elementary School
    • Madeline Kneier: Teacher Aide, 10 years of service
    • Virginia Knudsen: Special Education Teacher, 19 years of service 
    • Catherine Zora: Teacher, 32.5 years of service
    Streams Elementary School
    • Rosemary Fouts Lostetter: Guidance Counselor, 23 years of service
    • Jettie Kaplan: Head Secretary, 30 years of service 
    Upper St. Clair High School
    • Deanna Baird: German Teacher and K-12 World Language Curriculum Leader, 43 years of service 
    • Linda Dalzell: High School Student Records & Scheduling Assistant, 25 years of service 
    • Ronald Devey, Jr.: Maintenance Technician, 27 years of service 
    • Frank Eisenreich: High School/Baker Music Teacher, 37 years of service 
    • Roy Legacy: Maintenance Technician, 39 years of service
    • Sheila Lloyd: High School Student Activities Assistant, 18 years of service
    • Estelle Luck: Art Teacher, 28 years of service 
    • Mark McCreery: Part-Time Custodian, 16 years of service
    • Karen Momyer: Home Economics Teacher, 29 years of service