• May 10, 2016   
    Fifth graders earn top honors in math contest

    Math Honors Eighty Boyce Middle School fifth graders participated in the 2015-16 Pennsylvania Math League contest on April 27, 2016. Taking top honors were Chase Neponuceno, first place; Ben Wasson, second place; and, in a tie for third, Tyler Riemer and Abby Weber.

    The contest consists of 30 non-routine math problems, which students must solve in just 30 minutes. In addition to the overall winners, awards were presented to the top scorers within each of the four fifth grade teams.

    Team winners are as follows:

    Team Comet
    • 1st Place (tie): Evan Grady and Lauren Starr
    • 2nd Place: Andrew Xu
    Team Challenger
    • 1st Place (4-way tie): Ethan Anderson, Noah Gordley, Qadir Khan and Ipsita Singh
    Team Eagle
    • 1st Place: Ben Wasson
    • 2nd Place (tie): Owen Damon and Nico Roth
    • 3rd Place: Debbie Chu
    Team Galaxy
    • 1st Place: Chase Neponuceno
    • 2nd Place (tie): Tyler Riemer and Abby Wagner
    • 3rd Place: Ryley Carness

    • Back Row: Ipsita Singh, Noah Gordley, Debbie Chu, Nico Roth, Ben Wasson, Andrew Xu, Lauren Starr
    • Middle Row: Ethan Anderson, Abby Weber, Evan Grady, Qadir Khan, Tyler Riemer, Owen Damon
    • Front and Center: 1st Place Overall Champ, Chase Neponuceno