• May 10, 2016   
    6th graders participate in rain barrel program

    Rain Barrel Members of Boyce Middle School’s Green Team recently participated in the Barrels by the Bay Three Rivers Project. Sixth graders Ella Blough, Carmella McNally, Emma Redlinger, Hannah Rieger, Kendall Wright and Penny Yates recycled and painted a Coca-Cola syrup barrel that will serve as a rain barrel.

    The project, which was open to schools throughout Allegheny County, provided each participating school with educational materials, teaching tools, and painting supplies – including the barrel – at no cost.

    “The Three Rivers Project gave students the opportunity to learn more about the environment, Pittsburgh’s three rivers and how stormwater runoff concerns can be minimized through rain barrels,” Susan Fleckenstein, gifted education teacher, said.

    Nearly 100 Allegheny County schools participated in the rain barrel program this spring.

    Barrels by the Bay is a nonprofit organization founded by Megan Rosenberger, a native of Natrona Heights, who is studying at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. Barrels by the Bay’s mission is to educate students about world's water resources.

    “The Barrels by the Bay team is excited to bring our program to Allegheny County,” Ms. Rosenberger said. “We hope to inspire the next generation of environmental proponents throughout the program and to provide something unique to the local infrastructure.”

    The Barrels by the Bay Three Rivers Project is sponsored by PPG Industries, Coca-Cola, EarthEcho International, and individual supporters throughout the county. For more information, visit www.barrelsbythebay.org.

    Photo:  The Boyce Green Team rain barrel project members (left to right) are:  Ella Blough, Penny Yates, Hannah Rieger, Kendall Wright, Emma Redlinger and Carmella McNally, under the leadership of Ms. Susan Fleckenstein, Mr. Matt Dudley and Mr. Kevin Clark.