• April 28, 2016
    Deans' Awards
    Front Row Left to Right: Mrs. Christine Mussomeli, Paul Abrams, Reagan Rice, Kirsten Benedict,
    Cassidy Turner, Erin Lee, Hannah Sanner, Craig Small.
    Second Row Left to Right: Dr. Louis Angelo, Mrs. Sarah Susa, Mr. Dan Beck,
    Mrs. Monica Erwin, Mrs. Stephanie Fisher, Mrs. Janine Despines.

    High school recognizes 8 students with Deans’ Awards

    Upper St. Clair High School administrators recognized eight outstanding students with the April 2016 Deans’ Awards. The awardees and the teachers who nominated them were honored at a special breakfast on April 28, 2016.

    April 2016 Deans’ Award honorees:
    • Paul Abrams (grade 11): nominated by Mrs. Sarah Susa, English
    • Kirsten Benedict (grade 10): nominated by Mrs. Nicole Boyd, Social Studies
    • Erin Lee (grade 11): nominated by Mrs. Stephanie Fisher, Mathematics
    • Anna Perry (grade 9): nominated by the administrative team
    • Reagan Rice (grade 11): nominated by Mrs. Monica Erwin, Science
    • Hannah Sanner (grade 11): nominated by Ms. Wencheng Zeng, World Language
    • Craig Small (grade 12): nominated by Mrs. Janine Despines, Library
    • Cassidy Turner (grade 11): nominated by Ms. Sara Shoemaker, Fine & Performing Arts
    The monthly Deans’ Awards program was established when there were deans within the Upper St. Clair High School administration. The program is now coordinated by the high school assistant principals, Mr. Dan Beck and Mrs. Christine Mussomeli. Dr. Louis Angelo, high school principal, as well as members of the district’s central administration also attend the event in celebration and honor of the students recognized.

    Staff members representing each curricular area nominate a student each month for the Deans’ Awards. Students who are nominated receive a commemorative pen and award certificate, and are recognized at the monthly Deans’ breakfast.

    The following are some criteria that guide teacher nominations:
    • Responsibility
    • Diligence/hard working behavior
    • Positive attitude towards classmates as well as staff
    • Kind, empathetic, or helpful behavior to another student
    • Helpful behavior to a staff member
    • Demonstrating student leadership on and off campus
    • Good behavior in structured and unstructured settings