• Boyce Middle School Sixth Graders Are Recognized in “Battle of the Books”

    Twenty-eight teams of Boyce Middle School sixth graders put their reading knowledge to the test in annual “Battle of the Books” competition on March 2. Students read five books and then answered questions about each of the books.
    After three rounds of competition, the team known as “The CIA” was victorious! 6thGrBattleOfBooks
    Congratulations and a “bravo!” go to the following students:
    • Aummer Kethaveth
    • Sujay Shah
    • Ritvik Shah
    • Nitish Sharma
    • Jeet Sutrega
    Librarian Ms. Ginny Husak sponsored the Boyce “Battle of the Books” activity.

    Representing the sixth grade team “The CIA,” these well-dressed “Battle of the Books” winners are (left to right): Nitish Sharma, Jeet Sutrega, Sujay Shah, Ritvik Shah, and Aummer Kethaveth.